This exhibition was conceived in 2009 as a response to a request to mount a faculty exhibition to showcase the work being produced by the faculty of the Painting Department at the Savannah Campus of the Savannah College of Art and Design. The resulting exhibition includes full time faculty, part time faculty, and visiting artists who were involved with the department during the 2008/2009 academic year.

Rather than schedule a show at a local gallery it was suggested that we attempt to find an international venue. The resulting schedule is more then we could have hoped for. This exhibition would not have happened were it not for the work of Blazo Kovacevic. His drive and determination has given us this remarkable opportunity.

Painting exhibition participants:
Adam Cvijanovic, Blazo Kovacevic, Craig Drennen, Denise Carson,
Gregory Eltringham
, Laura Mosquera, Matt Blackwell, Morgan Santander, Natalija Mijatovic, Roger Walton,
Stephen Knudsen
, Suzanne Jackson, Todd Schroeder.

Drawing exhibition participants:


Contemporary Art Centre of Montenegro Petrovic Castle, Podgorica, Montenegro, June 4, 2010

U.S. Ambassador to Montenegro Mr. Roderick W. Moore is opening this show.

Podgorica is the official commercial and cultural centre of Montenegro. The name originates in 1326 and it is built amongst five rivers, the Zeta, Moraca, Ribnica, Cijevna and Sitnica. Most of the city was destroyed during WW II, so Podgorica is relatively new, with modern buildings at every step of the way and green spaces as well as parks. Podgorica hosts a number of cultural events and there are many theatres, such as Crnogorsko Narodno, Gradsko and Dodest. Further cultural and historic monuments in and around Podgorica are Sahat-kula Adzi-pasa Osmanagica, the ruins of Nemanjica Grad, remnants of the city of Doclea, Stara Varos, and Vezirov. Podgorica has excellent transit connections with other centres.
At nine kilometres from the city is the International Airport, with railway and bus stations close to one another.
The Contemporary Art Centre of Montenegro is one of the central institutions in the cultural milieu of Montenegro and the main republic institution for producing and organizing art programs as well as inter-republic and international cooperation. 
It was established in 1995, uniting the activity of the traditional organizers of cultural and art programs - the Republican Cultural centre, the Community for Culture and Education and the Gallery of Art of the Non-aligned Countries "Josip Broz Tito". The Centre is a product of the need for sublimation and new, more contemporary cultural potentials.
The Contemporary Art Centre of Montenegro is located in the most attractive part of Podgorica, in the park Krusevac where most of the buildings date from XIX century and have the status of monuments of culture which are under legal protection. It represents a rich and vivid block of buildings, ideal for carrying out programs from all fields of art as well as the multimedia.

"Dvorac Petrovica"
-"The Palace of the Petrovic"
The Palace of Petrovic is the central building. The gallery "The Palace of the Petrovic", with its architectural and space solutions, enables the presentation of creative work from all fields of visual art. Various exhibiting rooms are in function of organizing collective, thematic and individual exhibitions of high aesthetic scopes, presenting the works from the Centre fund as well as museum funds from Montenegro, Yugoslavia and abroad.
The Contemporary Art Centre of Montenegro possesses a rich fund of nearly 1000 artworks from 60 countries (Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America) and an ample collection of artworks by Montenegrin and Yugoslav authors. In the Palace of the Petrovic they are presented in permanent collection and thematic exhibitions. The exhibits from the Centre fund have been created in a wide time and space span and they possess aesthetic, cultural and historical values. The oldest object dates from 7th century B.C. while there are also objects presenting contemporary art.

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